Hotline                                                       Madison (Lead)                               Issack Cintron/ You So Stupid Productions

Devil's Deceit                                              Kelly (Lead)                                      Gabe de Varona/Drea Productions

Short Term Lease                                      Erica (Featured)                               Andrew Fagan/Fagan Productions

Crysalis                                                      Bravery (Secondary)                       New York Film Academy dir. by Deidre Goodwin

Gravedigger: Pilot                                      Vivian (Featured)                            Cohen Productions dir. Chris Cohen

Damian's dellusion                                   Chica (Secondary)                           S A E Institute dir. Yael Calderón

American Beauty Remake                         Angela Hayes (Secondary)             Tecnologico de Monterrey dir. Alexa Ares


Musical Theatre

"Rent"                                                            Mimi Marquez                   Musical Artística dir. by David Areízaga

"Cabaret"                                                       Fraulein Kost                      New York Film Academy dir. by Nathan Brewer & Deidre Goodwin

"Grease!"                                                        Rizo                                      Musical Artística David Areízaga

"The Retail Song Cycle"                                Miranda                              The Retail Song Cycle dir. by 

"Mamma Mia!"                                             Sophie                                  Musical Artística dir. by David Areízaga

"Cindercellar! Not your father's fable."      The Queen                           Linman Productions directed by Joyia Bradley

"Love Through The Ages"                              Featured Soloist                 New York Film Academy directed by Christine Toy-Johnson

"Crazy"                                                          Featured Soloist                 New York Film Academy directed by Natan Brewer

"Vive! Un Nuevo Musical."                           Lucero                                  Producciones Rosales-Ramos dir. by Victor Aceves

"Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar"                      María                                   Musical Artística dir. by David Areízaga


Organized COLLEGE TUITION FUNDRAISER in Mexico City along with Antonio Anguiano.

Make up for CRYSALIS for the New York Film Academy directed by Deidre Goodwin

Stage Management for Camilla Crawford's "A Philosophical Protest" & Cabaret.


2 Year Musical theatre & Film Conservatory at the New York Film Academy

2 Year Certificate SAE Institute of Audio Technology

IB Diploma from the Churchill College in Mexico City specializing in ITGS, English and Visual Arts.


Acting: Isaac Byrne (Meisner), TJ Mannix (Improv & Acting For Film), Scott Thompson (Musical Theatre Acting),  Harry Bouvy (Acting for TV), Mark Price (Musical Theatre and Camera Acting) Blanche Baker (Acting for Film) Seth Reich (Acting & Voice and Speech) Bobby Cronin (Musical Theatre acting)

Voice: Wysanria Woolsey, Bronson Norris Murphy

Dance: Deidre Goodwin (Jazz), Michelle Porterff (Jazz), Sara Antowiak (Modern & Ballet), Chad Austin (Ballet), Jason Marquette (Tap) Matt Lopez (Hip Hop)

Hard Skills

A. Beginner Guitar, Ukelele and Piano, Professional Makeup Artist, Fluent Spanish, Basic French, RP, Mexican & German dialect.

B. Stage Combat (James Savage & Annie R. Such), Bycicle Riding, Swimming, Visual Arts (Painting & Sketching), Basic Sightreading.

C. Dual Citizenship (Mexico/United States), U.S. Passport, Mexican Passport.

soft Skills

A. ProTools, Logic Pro

B. Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Producing

C. Basic Music Theory